ab·sence (ăb′səns)

“How does absence look?
It extends from a spaceless
within to the edge
of what can be loved.”

Adapted from Carson, A. (2016). Autobiography of red: a novel in verse. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart

What do we leave behind? How do we give form to the nonphysical? Within our limits of perception, what can we trust? The selected works string together an expansive questioning of absence and awareness, conveyed into three-dimensional forms, through space or time. The dialogue between these works by eight international artists will happen on their common adoptive ground, in Brooklyn, New York. Absence Project #0 defines a model for the continued and future autonomy of artists, creating our own space in the world.

Featuring works by: Hedwig Brouckaert - Monica Cook - Dolores Furtado - Michelle C. Gevint - Alexandra Leyre Mein - Nicholas Missel – Matthew Stone - Seth Wulsin
Curated by: Alexandra Leyre Mein

Opening: December 12, 2017, 6pm - 9pm

Location: 201 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, New York