Bio / Statement

Born in France in 1977 Emmanuelle Leblanc lives and works in Bordeaux. After getting her MFA from the Toulouse University, she obtained a postgraduate diploma in Design specialising in the study of colour.

Stemming from portrait tradition and photo-realism, Emmanuelle’s work evolves toward abstract minimalism, which tends to perpetuate the Color Field Experience practices. Thus, through her small or large canvases and sometimes, sculptural installations, the significance of the “figurative” image tends to gradually disappear only to re-emerge accidentally. The delicate, profound and diffuse colour variations of her recent paintings, offer a form of atmospheric synthesis of space, of moments or images traversed by memory. The hand of the artist disappears through the surface immateriality only to bring a sensorial and meditative experience to the viewer. In search of the sublime, it is a painting, which strives to re-activate a certain notion of aura.

Emmanuelle Leblanc has exhibited in different galleries and art institutions in France and abroad : Courtauld Insitute (GB), galerie Xenon (Fr), galerie Kh15 (De), Muséo San Prisco (It), galerie Keitelman (Be). Shortlisted consecutively in 2013 and 2014 for the Prix International de Peinture of Vitry-sur-Seine, her work can also be found in several private collections in Europe.

The artist is the co-founder of Pleonasm a European platform, which promotes contemporary visual artists. She has curated since 2013 through Pleonasm : (Phosphene) and Seuil in 2014 (Fr, Be), Riverside in 2015 (Fr) and Eidôlon in 2015 (Fr). 
Represented by gallery Archiraar, Brussels.

DIFFUSE, 2015. Oil on plywood and goldleaf on MDF, 190 x 128 cm

AU RA, 2014. Oil on plywood , 125 x 155 cm

LUX CONTINUUM overview Archiraar gallery

PHOTOMÉTÉORE IV, 2016. Oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

DIFFUSE BLEU-VERT-NOIR, 2017. Oil on Plywood, 30 x 40 cm.