Bio / Statement

Sofie Mullers (° 1974 St-Nicolas, lives in Ghent) complex oeuvre displays an ongoing, profound research of the human condition and the beauty of our individual vulnerability. The main recurring themes are imperfection and psycho-physical trauma. She taps into the breaking point of the mind and body and portrays it in smoke drawings and sculptures in bronze or alabaster.
Until three years ago Sofie Muller was known for her 'child images', innocent figures in less innocent contexts, epoxy and bronze. In the meantime the artist has passed the children's theme and she has dedicated herself on stone carving. It is a logical step in an investigation of, as the artist calls it herself, 'geology' and 'psyche'. Her most recent work includes human, battered heads of alabaster: a non-obvious and rare material in the world of sculpture. The rough stone imitates human skin in color, semi-transparency and grain; the break lines are synonymous with the (mental) scars that a person gains in his life. Muller deliberately searches for 'hurt' pieces of stone with natural erosion and a 'lived' look as the basis for her 'mental portraits'. In some sculptures, the artist brings together different rocks, such as minerals, marble and Iranian travertine. Inspired by classical sculpture (the artist is a descended from three generations of antique dealers), Muller's sculptures are expressions of an equally classic and timeless theme: torments of the soul. Macabre and poetic as they are, they confront the viewer with psychological injuries that we would rather not see and want to deal with. A source of inspiration for those who are open to the beauty of imperfections.

Selection of soloshows of the past three years: Gallerie Michaela Stock, Vienna (AU), Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp (BE); Martin Kudlek, Cologne (DE), Fondation Francès, Senlis (FR), Biala galeria Lublin (PL), Odapark Venray (NL), FelixArt Drogenbos (BE), ...
Selection of group exhibitions of the past three years: Bildraum Bregenz (AU), Palazzo Fortuny Venice (IT)Mocak Krakow (PL), Coup de Ville, St. Nicolas (BE), Guislain Museum Ghent (BE), OdaparkVenray (NL), Gallery Maskara, Mumbai (IN), Kunsthalle Nürnberg (D), Royal Museum of Fine Arts Brussels (B), Basel Volta (CH), Watou (BE), Museum Beelden aan Zee (NL) …

AL/IX/16 (SM/ S 23) - 2016
ca. 23 x 15 x 16cm

AL/XXXVI/16 - 2016
Mat: blauw/wit albast + textiel
30 x 17 x 18 cm  

AL/XXXXII/17 (SM/S 34), 2017,
ca. 30cm x 27cm x 12cm


mixed media

Art Brussels 2018