Caroline Le Méhauté

Bio/ Statement

The work of Caroline Le Méhauté intimately questions our relationship to matter, space and time as the first contacts of our relationship to the world. Starting from elements of the terrestrial and space, her sculptures, installations, drawings, videos and sound practice propose a broadened perception where the questions of the immensity, the imperceptible and the incommensurable are presented in relation to experience. How to situate oneself, to position oneself and to establish one's place, are questions she develops in her practice to determine the impact that these can have on ourselves, our relationship to the other, to society and to the world.

Caroline Le Méhauté lives and works in Brussels. Nomadic artist, her taste for discovery makes her move to new contexts of research and creation. After a master's degree in visual arts at the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès, she continued her studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Marseille where she graduated in 2007. That same year she participated in the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean in Italy.

Her work has since been presented in solo and collective exhibitions including: Le Musée National du Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou; Marseille-Provence 2013 Capitale Européenne de la Culture ; Art in the time of crisis, Fez, Maroc; Médiatine (Brussels); Block T (Dublin); West Postfuhramt, Berlin; Spazio Testoni, Bologna. Her works feature in private and public collections, including: the Communal Fund of Contemporary Art (Marseille); Leo Lagrange Art Library (Paris).

Négociation 94 –L’expression de notre respectueuse et sincère considération (2018)
Filtres à eau industriels et structure métallique 
300 x 15 x 15 cm

Négociation 47 - Cousin T - 2011
cire, paraffine, pigments
16 x 20 x 32 cm

Négociation 95 – Décoloniser les imaginaires - 2018
Terre, huile de vidange et technique mixte
78 x 76 x 175 cm

Negociation 70 : Suspensio 2014
peat and mixed media
550 x 560 x 190 cm

Négociation 25 - 2010
S’extraire (detail)wood, lawn, clay, peat, thorns of pine and sand
120 x 12 x 3000 cm
 intervention in situ dans le Parc de Maison Blanche, Festival des Arts éphémères 2010, Marseille